Купить Ключ активации Playstation Network Card 1000 в интернет магазине DNS. Характеристики, цена Playstation Network Card 1000 | 1044109

Купить Ключ активации Playstation Network Card 1000 в интернет магазине DNS. Характеристики, цена Playstation Network Card 1000 | 1044109 Электронная цифровая подпись

– площадка psn аккаунтов

Buy bundle activation service on ps4 and xbox one and download

After payment you will instantly receive a code for the Fortnite activation service for bundles / bundles on PS4 and Xbox ONE consoles
!!! The resulting code does not contain any items / skins for Fortnite !!! The code gives the right only to a ONE-TIME SERVICE to help activate / receive the Fortnite bundle !!!

!!! For a positive review, we provide a gift certificate in the amount of 10% of the amount paid !!!

Do you have a Fortnite dial / bundle activation code, but no Playstation 4 console and / or Xbox ONE ?! Not a problem, we will help you with activation / receipt of Fortnite bundles for PC !!!

Activation service on the platform / console:

-Playstation 4

-Xbox ONE

Service area: Worldwide

Can Fortnite bundle / kit (PS4, Xbox ONE) be activated on PC?

-Yes, it is possible but only through a tied PSN (PS4) or / and Microsoft (Xbox ONE) account to your Epic Store account! For this, this service is provided!

When linking an account, it gives an error: “This Epic Games account was previously linked to another external account. You can only link an account to it again!” What to do?

– He will contact us for a service, we also help with this issue!

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How long does it take to activate / receive a Fortnite PS4 or / and Xbox ONE kit?

-From 5 minutes to 1 (one) hour (if we are online), from the moment you submit your account information to the Playstation Store and / or Microsoft (Xbox Live). Otherwise, we will refund if the service was purchased !!!

After activating your Fortnite suite in your Playstation Store (PSN) or Microsoft (Xbox Live, Xbox ONE) account, provide us with support information for PS4 or Xbox ONE account (depending on which platform / console you need to activate / receiving Fortnite bundle) and a unique code that you will receive immediately after paying for the service, and we will activate / receive the set! For PS4 accounts, if you need to spend V-bucks, immediately write what to get on them, because they will only be visible on the PS4 console.

Instructions for activating Fortnite bundles in the Playstation Store (PSN) through a web browser:
– Go to the Playstation Store from your computer (store.playstation.com).

– Create a PSN account (when registering, you must specify the country of Europe !!!) or use the existing one.

– Select “Redeem Codes” in the “Showcase” menu -> Enter a code of 12 characters -> “Continue”

– Follow the on-screen prompts to activate your code.

Microsoft Fortnite Suite Activation Instructions (Xbox Live):
-Launch a web browser and go to: https://redeem.microsoft.com
– Log in using your Microsoft credentials or create a new account.

-Enter the activation code and click “Next”; Follow the instructions to confirm.

Купить ключ активации playstation network card 1000 в интернет магазине dns. характеристики, цена playstation network card 1000 | 1044109

Карта пополнения электронного кошелька позволяет приобрести в PlayStation Store любой цифровой контент на сумму, не превышающую номинал карты. С помощью карты можно оплатить покупку игр, дополнений, подписки PlayStation Plus и другого контента, доступного в PlayStation Store.

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